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 Welcome to Seminar "EC Baltic Sea Region Cooperation Programme 2007 - 2013"

One-day seminar ”Prospects for Participation of Government Authorities, Enterprises and Organizations of Belarus in the  EC Baltic Sea Region Cooperation Programme 2007 - 2013” is to be held in Minsk on 27 March 2008. The principal organizer of the seminar is the Office of the European Commission in the Republic of Belarus.


The seminar audience will be informed about potential funding allocations from the EU meant to support the project activity in the following sectors: fostering of the innovation-oriented research in the region; enhancement of the transport and IT sectors; handling the Baltic Sea as a common resource; promotion of attractive and competitive regions and cities. Besides, the seminar will provide the information about the terms of preparation and submission of project proposals, about the scopes and technical features required of the project proposals. Furthermore, there will be a discussion of the project ideas that would involve Belarusian partners and stakeholders as requested by the Baltic project developers.


Ekodom, the organizer’s partner in Belarus, will accept the information about potential participants in the Seminar (including their contact data) till 19 March 2008. For this purpose, please, use telephone/fax lines (+375 17) 2801652, (+375 17) 2816001 or e-mail


The draft agenda of the Seminar is posted here.

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