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 Seminar «Technology Transfer as an Element of the National Innovatory Activity» Held in Minsk

Yet another seminar “Technology Transfer as an Element of the National Innovatory Activity” took place in Minsk on 12 December 2007. This time the event was held at the Minsk Production Amalgamation for Computer Hardware (MPACH). The 50 trainees represented various departments and divisions of the MPACH. The seminar was delivered and moderated by Director of RCTT Alexander Uspenskiy.

The seminar covered several issues of today:

  • the role of technology transfer and the world experience in it;
  • the means and instruments of technology transfer;
  • the current state and prospects for development of technology transfer in Belarus;
  • subcontracting as an element of technology transfer.

Representatives of the MPACH and RCTT discussed opportunities of their further feasible collaboration.

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