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 Setting up HRODNA Agroindustrial Park: UNIDO Deploys Data-Finding Mission

Dennis Alexandersen, UNIDO Expert, Director and Consultant of HAP Consultants (www.hap.dk), came to Belarus on 20 November, on the formal invitation from the State Committee on Science and Technology. This time the UNIDO expert’s mission will comprise retrieval of the relevant information, analysis of the data found and drafting of a technical report on the current state of the agroindustrial sector of Hrodna region. The previous UNIDO expert’s visit on this subject matter was in July 2007. The initial field mission was poised at preliminary study of the practicability of a would-be international project meant to set up an agroindustrial park in Hrodna region (HAIP). As a result, the initiative was considered necessary and feasible, with possible involvement of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer (RCTT) and UNDP.

On 21 November Mr. Uspenskiy, Director of RCTT, and Mr. Alexandersen met to take up the agenda and the action plan for this mission. The expected summary technical report is of extreme importance for the entire initiative as it will underlie the further development of the Project Document. The mission is to be accomplished by 15 December 2007.

The preparatory arrangements and other activities in concern with the development of the HAIP Project Document are supported by the State Committee o Science and Technology, the Executive Committee of Hrodna Region, the Hrodna State Agrarian University, and the local UNDP Office.

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