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 RCTT Covenanted with Czech

Representatives of the Association of Innovative Entrepreneurship (, namely, its Secretary General Mr. P. Švejda and Project Manager Ms I. Nemečkova, visited the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer on 20 November.

As usual, the agenda of the visit provided for an overview of RCTT’s activity. Besides, the parties negotiated and managed to sign a bilateral collaboration agreement.

In compliance with the newly signed agreement, the parties are to assist the research, design and engineering entities, universities and business communities of their countries in joint studies and application of the most advanced products yielded in the sci-tech field. Furthermore, the two parties committed to support the organization of the bilateral exchange in the sphere of advanced sci-tech development; also, they are to render brokerage and matchmaking services for international business partnerships between Czech and Belarusian enterprises and organizations. The Belarusian and Czech organizations agreed that every year, before 15 December, they would take up and adjust their collaboration plans for the following year, thereby ensuring better progress in the implementation of the agreement.

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