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 Meeting of International Experts of ICSTI

A meeting of international experts in development of the Innovation Promotion Network was held on 16 November, at the International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information in Moscow.


A total of 23 organizations took part in the session. They represented 14 countries: Belarus, Czech, Egypt, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Mongolia, North Korea, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, and the Republic of South Africa.


The meeting participants conferred on the following issues:

1. The current state of development of the Innovation Promotion Network (IPN) and a portfolio of draft documents meant to adjust the establishment and functions of the IPN;

2. Establishment of a Club of Business Cooperation and the draft documents that stipulated the standards of the interaction of the members;

3. Compilation of the International Analytical Compendium “The Current Condition of the National Innovation Systems of the ICSTI Member Countries”.


Under the first issue of the agenda, Director of RCTT Mr. A. Uspenskiy made the report “Experience of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer in the innovation-promoting assistance”. Among the suggested measures suggested in the report, there were the following: (1) the relevant form developed by RCTT should be used as the unified form for submission of technology requests and offers to the IPN (as this form allows clients to view technology profiles in the convenient formats, like those of UNIDO, IRC, or yet2.com); (2) the ICSTI should not spend its funds to develop some software for formation and maintenance of the technology profile databases in a uniform format for the ICSTI member countries, rather, such databases should be hosted on the available Web server of RCTT.


The outcomes of the session were summarized in the event’s Memorandum, in particular:

1.         After having considered the reports and presentations of the national member organizations and the Headquarters regarding the implementation of the project for formation of the IPN, the participants of meeting:

     approved the general pattern of the IPN’s functions and the set of the documents adjusting the procedures for the establishment and coordination of the IPN’s activity;

     suggested that the Committee of Plenipotentiaries (CP) of the ICSTI Member Countries considered and accepted the aforementioned documents at its 59th session in 2008; in doing so, due account should be made of the suggested completions, amendments, additions and remarks.

2.         After having considered the reports of the Headquarters on the marketing promotion tools being developed and used for innovations, after having considered the gained experience of the use of such tools in the ICSTI member countries, the meeting participants, before March 2008, should consider and the feasibility and practicability of the following activities:

(a) introducing the permanent sections dedicated to the national technology profiles in the ICSTI’s journal Information and Innovations;

(b) routinely filling of the "Technology" database on the ICSTI’s Web site with R&D products of the national organizations;

(c) creating the national sections on advanced technologies and innovative R&D products in the exhibition display at the ICSTI Headquarters;

(d) submission of the subject-related materials to the journal’s editorial board and the ICSTI Headquarters;

(e) providing the Headquarters-hosted regular training to the representatives of the national organizations involved in the IPN project.

3.         After having considered the range of the special yearly activities for promotion of innovations on the markets of the ICSTI member countries and other regions suggested by the Headquarters, the participants of the meeting seconded the initiative of holding sessions of the International Working Panel (IWP) once a year, alternately in the interested IPN member countries; every session should be combined with a presentation event or a seminar dedicated to innovative R&D products from the ICSTI member countries; the first seminar was suggested to be held during the next session of the IWP next autumn, in 2008.

4.         The participants of the meeting approved the concept of International Analytical Compendium “The Current Condition of the National Innovation Systems of the ICSTI Member Countries”; with this, they committed to providing materials for the edition in compliance with the suggested structure of its sections before the end of February 2008.

5.         The meeting participants assumed it would be expedient to request the ICSTI CP to assign the national organizations the service centers for the would-be Club of Business Cooperation.


During the session Mr. A. Uspenskiy and Mr. V. Fokin, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the Information and Innovations, agreed that this ICSTI-managed quarterly would regularly publish analytical reviews by Belarusian scientists and developers dedicated to the end-to-end solutions of the currently faced technological problems. In 2007 the journal has already published several materials prepared by RCTT, in particular:

1.   article ”The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer (Belarus)’ (Issue No.1, pp. 45 - 46); the information on seven state-of-the-art technologies developed in Belarus and selected from RCTT’s database (ditto; pp.47 - 52);

2.   the report “Cooperation of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer (Belarus) with the International Technology Transfer Networks”, delivered by the Director of RCTT Mr. A. Uspenskiy at the International Seminar of the ICSTI and UNIDO “Scientific and Technical Innovations: the National Experience and the International Cooperation” at the International Centre in Vienna in May 2007 (Issue No.3, pp. 67 – 69); the information on another three advanced technologies developed in Belarus selected from the database of RCTT (ditto; pp. 59 - 61).

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