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 German Delegates Visited RCTT

A group of German delegates visited the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer on 14 November. This time, the group was headed by a representative of the Division for Research and Technology Cooperation of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology of Germany Mr. Götz Fasold. The rest of the delegates were, namely: Head of the Unit of the International Technology Cooperation Network of the Industrial Research Association (AiF, www.aif.de) Dr. Jürgen Künlenz, Adviser of the AiF in Russia and Belarus Ms Ulrike Kirchmeier, Executive Director of Hecht Electronic AG Mr. Günter Hecht, and Head of the AiF Contact Office in Belarus Mr. Valentin Litvinov.


During the visit the guests were informed about the recent activity of the RCTT. The parties shaped up the prospects for RCTT’s further collaboration with AiF and German companies. Some general issues in concern with the support to the research and technology cooperation of Belarus and Germany were discussed, too.

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