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 RCTT at XII Exhibition and Congress "High Technology. Innovation. Investment"

On 2 – 5 October 2007 RCTT, along with the Belarusian delegation, took part in XII International Congress and Exhibition “High Technology.Innovation.Investment-2007” in St. Petersburg. RCTT’s partaking in the event was supported by the State Committee on Science and Technology of Belarus, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NAN Belarus), UNDP and UNIDO.


The Exhibition and Congress events “High Technology.Innovation.Investment” shared the venue with another major all-Russia event, Forum “Russian Industrialist”


At the hi-tech exhibition RCTT displayed an electronic computer presentation of analytical information system of its Web portal (http://ictt.by) to highlight:

• the projects, R&D products, services available with the entities under the NASB and with other RCTT’s clients;

• the services and information resources offered by RCTT to foreign companies and investors;

• the Project “Strengthening the National System for Technology Transfer in the Republic of Belarus on the Basis of Information and Communication Technologies” implemented and funded by the Government of Belarus, with co-funding and under the auspices of UNDP and UNIDO;

• the laws and regulations applicable to the innovation business and IP protection in Belarus, etc.

Of the several advanced environment-protective technologies and biotechnologies from Belarus promoted by RCTT to the contest “Best Innovation Project and Best Sci-Tech Product of the Year”, there have been three awarded diplomas of XII Exhibition and Congress “High Technology.Innovation.Investment”, viz.:

1. “An Environmentally Safe Technology and Equipment for Recycling Waste to Raw and Fuel Resources” (the project by the State Research Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus);


2. “An Ionitoponic Technology for Perennial Production of Virus-Free Potato Minibulbs for Primary Seed-Growing” (the project by the State Research Institute of Experimental Botany with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus);


3. “Biological Preparation Mykolin® (Based on the Culture of bacillus mycoides 683) for Protection of Agricultural Plants from Diseases (the project by the State Research Institute of Experimental Botany with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus).

During the exhibition RCTT made three new service contracts. The new clients of RCTT are:

·         Desintegration Technology and Equipment, Ltd. (St Petersburg), a company specialized in development and manufacture of equipment and instruments for production of fine powders (0.1 – 10 micrometres) used in powder metallurgy and nanotechnology fields;

·         21st Century Heat, Ltd. (Moscow), a developer and manufacturer of novel space-saving high-efficiency heating systems of 75 – 300 kW heat power;

·         North-Western Centre for Ultrasound Technology, a limited liability company specialized in development and manufacture of multipurpose instruments for nonabrasive finishing of metal surfaces.

Specialists from the Green Tech, Inc. (USA) were attracted by the presented Belarusian technologies in the fields of environment protection, power efficiency management, accumulation of thermal energy, processing of raw hydrocarbonics, waste recycling. Afina Close Corporation (St. Petersburg) expressed their interest in technologies for production of unfired foamed building ceramics; the St. Petersburg State Architectural University focused mainly on technologies for retained shuttering, low-cost I-beams made of small-dimension wood for cost-efficient construction.

Also, RCTT has made preliminary agreements with the Murmansk State Technical University, the centres for scientific and technical information from Murmansk and Chelyabinsk about the bilateral collaboration in the technology transfer fields.

Among the particular tasks set for RCTT at the Forum, there was one to identify high-efficiency technologies from Russia that would possess great application potential for Belarus, or would be suitable for transfer to other countries. So there have been some technologies selected by such criteria. Those are, in particular, two technologies by the FIULEK Research and Production Company (St. Petersburg):

·         a method of efficient protection of buildings, structures, equipment, vehicles against weather impacts, aggressive media, against soiling and adhering;

·         fluorepoxide coatings for efficient and long-lasting protection within 10 to 80 years.

RCTT has been awarded a diploma of this year’s event for the notable contribution to the development of the scientific and industrial complex of Russia and for the active participation in the Exhibition and Congress.

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