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 Cooperation Between RCTT and the Jilin Science and Technology Exchange Centre Grows Stronger

A delegation of the Science and Technology Exchange Centre (STEC) of the Jilin Province, headed by its Deputy Director Mr. He Hun Shi, paid a working visit to RCTT on 4 – 8 October 2007. The visit was organized by the Office of RCTT at the Sino-Russian Technopark in Changchun.


During the visit the delegation met First Deputy Chairman of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NAS Belarus) Mr. P.A. Vityaz. With a view of deeper studying of the opportunities and further development of prospective cooperation lines, the delegation visited the Research Institute of Experimental Botany (with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus) and the Research Institute of Forestry in Homel (with the National Academy of Sciences). At the Research Institutes the Chinese group to confer on the plans of founding the Cino-Belarusian Research Centre for Preservation and Studies of Mushroom Resources at the similar specialized centre with the Jilin Agricultural University. The issues in concern with feasibility of creating a local Belarusian-Chinese joint venture specialized in mushroom growing (both for medical and feeding purposes) was discussed, too. Also, the STEC representatives came to see the FarmLand Joint Venture in Minsk and discussed the plans of establishing a Belarusian-Chinese centre for non-medical treatment and culture.


During the meetings at RCTT, the parties have summed up the outcomes of the work performed by the former Head of RCTT’s Office at the Cino-Russian Technopark in Chanchung within the period from March through September 2007 and took up the prospects of their bilateral cooperation.

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