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 RCTT at UNIDO Technology Foresight Summit 2007

Last week the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer, along with a delegation from Belarus, took part in the Technology Summit 2007, held in Budapest (Hungary) on 27 – 29 September. As usual, for this event RCTT was sponsored by the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, UNDP and UNIDO.


The framework of the Summit provided room for four major events:

  • Symposium on water productivity in the industry of the future,
  • Water Technology FAIR OF THE FUTURE,
  • Technology foresight panels,
  • MINISTERIAL ROUND TABLE (for the East-European and Central-European member countries and NIS).

The SYMPOSIUM ON WATER PRODUCTIVITY IN THE INDUSTRY OF THE FUTURE was the main highlight of the 2007 Summit. The four forum sessions were aimed at overview of the foresighted development in:

(1) strategies for saving water and increasing industrial water productivity,

(2) matching water quality to the requirements of its use;

(3) water recycling and on-site reuse;

(4) using reclaimed water (direct and indirect water reuse).

The plenary session was devoted to the topical issues in water availability and quality, identifying main tendencies, barriers and visions for reaching sustainable industrial development. The Foresight Exercise on avoiding water discharge from the industry in the future - towards a zero discharge – was presented and discussed at this session.

The Water Technology Fair of the Future presented the industry-led future trends and perspectives, prototypes, products, processes and marketing solutions related to sustainable use of water by industry. The Fair consisted of exhibitions and discussions where representatives of industry and industrial decision makers were strongly invited to shape their common visions of future trends, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of their industrial branches in the other components of the Summit.

The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer presented the most advanced R&D technologies and products from Belarus that could be offered as highly efficient approaches in water use. Those were, inter alia:

  • water purification systems developed by the Institute of Powder Metallurgy with the National Academy of Sciences;
  • water filtration systems MIFIL® and FIBAN® (by the Institute of Physical-Organic Chemistry with the National Academy of Sciences;
  • PENOPURM® sorbent (by the Research Institute of Applied Physics).

Among the exhibits of RCTT, the sorbing agent PENOPURM® enjoyed the most success and was of most interest to the visitors and competitors. This agent has been contrived for efficient adsorption of liquid oil-products and organic substances during liquidation of emergency overflow, for cleaning water surface, ground, sedimentations, rainfall discharge water from hydrocarbons and its derivatives, crude oil, heavy and light sorts of fuel, from vegetative, animal and mineral oils, solvents and usual organic products. Testings of the novel sorbent have been submitted to two foreign companies for further laboratory studies. The most interested companies have negotiated with RCTT on possible contracts for supply of PENOPURM® and for acquisition of PENOPURM® production lines.


During the Forum RCTT made the presentation “Information Resources and Services of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer Offered to Foreign Companies and Investors”.


The TECHNOLOGY FORESIGHT THEMATIC PANELS focused mainly on selected proposals and experiences of using technology foresight as a tool for decision making and consensus building in creating knowledge-based societies and enhancing innovation and competitiveness in countries in transition. The Panels also presented and discussed the critical technologies which could address the challenges envisaged in the next twenty years in CEE/NIS.


The MINISTERIAL ROUND TABLE focused on the prospects for further sustainable water availability and quality in the EEE/NIS regions. The ministerial consultations addressed the preparation of a draft resolution promoting a zero discharge agreement and incentives at the international level. Joint ministerial statement: “Towards Zero Discharge of Industrial Pollutants in Waste Water” was approved by the Ministers and Heads of delegations participating in the MINISTERIAL ROUND TABLE.


The Technology Foresight Summit-2007 was hosted by UNIDO, with the support from the Government of Hungary, owing to the co-funding from the Governments of Austia, Czech, and Slovenia. Mr. Kandeh Yumkella, Director-General of UNIDO, took part in the event. Representatives of more than twenty countries of the Central and Eastern Europe and the New Independent States were flung together by the main technology foresight forum of the year.


The information materials pertaining to the Summit are available on UNIDO’s Web portal www.unido.org.

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