UNIDO to Start Formulation of Project for Setting up HRODNA Agroindustrial Park

Karl Schebesta, UNIDO expert in agroindustrial development and food processing, visited Belarus from 16 to 20 July. The expert’s field mission was aimed at preliminary study of the locally available capacities, conditions, possible prospects for the would-be international technical assistance project meant to set up an agroindustrial park and to support the food processing branch in the Hrodna Region.

During his sojourn Mr. Schebesta visited several organizations, enterprises and institutions, namely:

  1. Executive Committees of the Hrodna Region and the Karelichy District,
  2. Committee on Agriculture and Food of the Hrodna Region,
  3. Hrodna State Agrarian University,
  4. Raiskaya Dolina Farmer Enterprise (Zarytsa village, Hrodna Region),
  5. Svisloch Agroindustrial Cooperative,
  6. Business Incubator of Lida,
  7. Korelichi-Selkhoztekhnika Open Joint-Stock Company,
  8. Tsirin-Agro Agroindustrial Cooperative (Karelichy District),
  9. State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus (SCST),
  10. UNDP Country Office;
  11. Republican Centre for Technology Transfer (RCTT).

The expert made presentations on the would-be project and discussed its practicability with potential stakeholders, representatives of counterpart support structures, likely partner institutions and organizations. As a result, he assumed the project to be feasible and expedient for the region of Hrodna, with eventual assistance from UNDP and RCTT.

Under the project UNIDO would intend to render its technical assistance and provide its best expertise to Belarus in establishing HRODNA Agroindustrial Park. The initial stage of the project will comprise setting up a pilot food-processing plant equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and tools. It will be used as an on-the-job training facility for specialists of food-processing enterprises and entrepreneurs in the agroindustrial sector. Also, there a pool of qualified specialists to be created, able of consulting and training in the most advanced processing of agricultural materials, manufacture and marketing of the food products.

Another international expert of UNIDO is to come to Belarus in September this year, assigned for information retrieval and analysis, and drafting of the Project Document. National experts will assist him in his work under the mission, as well as in interaction with the local counterparts.

Mr. Schebesta’s field mission was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, with certain assistance from the SCST, UNDP and RCTT.