Permanent Exhibition Opened in RCTT Field Office at Sino-Russian Technopark in Chanchun

The previously announced permanent Exhibition of Technology Progress of Belarus was opened on 12 July at the Field Office of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer with the Changchun Sino-Russian Technopark. The opening ceremony was attended by Ms Tamara Yanchevskaya, Manager of the Field Office of RCTT, Director-General of the Changchun Sino-Russian Technopark Li Changhua, Director of the Chanchun National High-Technology Industrial Development Zone Miao Ruoyu, Director of the Science and Technology Department of the Chanchun National High-Technology Industrial Development Zone Xiao Qun, (Head of the Administration of Foreign Expert of the Jilin Province Zhand Yan Feng, the President of the Chanchun Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhang Hong Jie), and others.

The exhibition comprises two thematic sections: (1) cultural and social highlights of Belarus and (2) publicity, advertising, PR information. The first section is meant to familiarize the technopark’s personnel and the exhibition visitors with the socio-cultural and historical background of Belarus. There the exhibits are: heraldry, pins, CDs, photos, posters that highlight picturesque sights and places of interest in Belarus. The other section displays the achievements and progress of RCTT’s clients (Belarusian enterprises and organizations). Among the first exhibits there are two technologies developed by the Mineral Nourishing and Photosynthesis Optimization Laboratories at the State Institute of Experimental Botany (Minsk), viz. “Ionitoponic Technology for Perennial Production of Virus-Free Potato Minibulbs” and “Accelerated Adaptation of Arborous Species in Ion-Exchange Growing Media for Obtaining Seedlings of Enhanced Quality”.

The exhibition is planned to be updated on a regular basis, at least four times a year, depending on the turnover of the persons assigned for the position of the Field Office Manager.