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 News from RCTT Field Office at the Sino-Russian Technopark in Chanchun

On 7 July Ms Tamara Yanchevskaya, Manager of the Field Office of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer at the Changchun Sino-Russian Technopark paid a visit to the Research Laboratories of Traditional Medicine of the Ministry of Agriculture of China.

Ms Yanchevskaya has familiarized herself with the methods for cultivation of phytogenic raw materials, extraction of active components, clearance and purification of preparations. The experimental sites next to the laboratory, present locally developed methods of pesticide-free cultivation of a wide variety of arboreous, fruticous, and herbaceous plants. The man-made lake in picturesque park in the vicinity of the laboratories is used for cultivation of the the "pearl of the East” - pink lotus, or Nelumbo nucifera (flowers of this species are famous for their numerous medical values). All the variety of the locally grown plant species are used for medical and pharmaceutical purposes.

The parties discussed several options of their bilateral cooperation. The talks resulted in the decision to draft and sign a memorandum of intents.

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