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 News from RCTT Field Office at the Sino-Russian Technopark in Chanchun

On 29 June Ms Tamara Yanchevskaya, Manager of the Field Office of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer at the Changchun Sino-Russian Technopark, visited the Agricultural University of the Ministry of Agriculture of China. After having familiarized herself to the university faculties and laboratories, the guest will formulate her decision concerning bilateral memorandums of intents. The preliminary framework agreements would contain certain clauses to provide for:

  • would-be relations between the Kuprevich Institute of Experimental Botany (Belarus) and the Mycology Laboratory of the local university;
  • foundation of a Sino-Belarusian Centre for preservation and research of fungoids (at the International Research Centre for Preservation and Research of Fungoids with the Jilin Agricultural University);
  • arrangements to jointly work out the optimum mineral nutrition procedures for ginseng seedlings.

With the mediatory assistance from the RCTT Field Office, there will be 2 specialists of the Minsk Vegetable Farm invited to the university. Their mission will comprise thorough study of the planting methods and procedures applied at the local ginseng growing farm. The extensive experience of the university’s 2.2-hectare farm is of great value to Belarusian ginseng growers, as nowadays this plant of exceptional properties inspires much of renewed interest at the vegetable farm in Minsk.

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