News from RCTT Field Office at the Sino-Russian Technopark in Chanchun

PhD Tamara Yanchevskaya, Manager of the Field Office of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer at the Changchun Sino-Russian Technopark, joined a group of Belarusian delegates to take part in the National Exhibition of Belarus from 15 to 19 June 2007. The exhibition was held during the Harbin Trade and Economics Fair.

Ms.Yanchevskaya presented 20 technology offers from RCTT’s technology database. Several meetings and pourparlers were held, to result in a Letter of Intent for collaboration between the Institute of Biotechnology of the Yangban Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Lonjin). The document, signed by Ms. Yanchevskaya and Director of the Institute Mr. Jan Chenmo on 18 June, provides for an array of actiivties to support joint scientific research poised at determining the specific conditions for adaptation of the ionitoponic technology for perennial production of virus-free potato minibulbs and the biotechnical complex to the actual conditions of the Chinese partner institute. Both of the technologies had been developed by the Mineral Nourishing and Photosynthesis Optimization Laboratory at the State Institute of Experimental Botany (Minsk).