Belarusian Technologies Reached the Final Round of the Innovation Project Contest

On 20 June 2007 the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer will present a portfolio of Belarusian building technologies during the final round of the “Russian Future House” contest of innovative projects.


A number of building methods, techniques, materials developed by Belarusian R&D community have been promoted by RCTT to the Russian Technology Transfer Network on a regular basis. These projects have drawn the attention of the Organizing Committee of the “Russian Future House” contest (, hosted by the Expert Media Holding (Moscow). The Organizing Committee has suggested proposing some of the projects to the contest. This was done, and two of the RCTT-promoted projects reached the finals. Those are two technologies:

  1. “Low-Cost I-Beams Made of Small-Dimension Wood for Cost-Efficient Construction”;
  2. “Technology for Rapid Construction of Low-Cost Energy-Efficient Buildings by Mainly Using Local Filling Materials”.

RCTT will present the two projects during the final session of the Contest’s jury. The event will be attended by investors, interested construction companies, and representatives of the mass media. The presentation is to take place in the Science Park of the Moscow State University, and the outcomes of the contest are to be announced on 25 June.