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 Field Office of RCTT at the Changchun Sino-Russian Technopark Started Up

The Field Office of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer has been established to assist Belarusian and Chinese R&D entities, universities with the aim to join their efforts in study, research, commercialization and application of state-of-the-art achievements in science and competitive technologies. Also, the Field Office is to organize and ensure the bilateral exchange in the high-technology and research spheres, render partner search and matchmaking mediator services to enterprises and organizations in Belarus and China.


PhD (Ms) Tamara G. Yanchevskaya is the Manager of the Field Office


Address: ROOM 1009 Chuangye Building, NO. 4000 Guigu ST. High-Tech Zones, Changchun City, China, 130012


Tel.: (+86) 431 87018099
Fax: (+
86) 431 87018066


Video of opening ceremony

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