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 Another Seminar «Technology Transfer as an Element of the National Innovation Activity» in Minsk

Yet another seminar “Technology Transfer as an Element of the National Innovation Activity” took place in Minsk on 23 April.This time the event was held at the Institute of Professional Resources in Industry, during a brief training course “The Novelty in Technology, Machinery and Equipment, Tools and Instruments, and Management”. This time, the target trainees were chief engineers, works managers of state-owned enterprises, their deputies and assistants. As usual, the seminar was delivered and moderated by Director of RCTT Alexander Uspenskiy.

During the seminar the lector touched upon several issues: the role of technology transfer and the world experience in it, the means and instruments of technology transfer, the current state and prospects for further progress in technology transfer in Belarus, subcontracting as an element of technology transfer. Besides, Mr. Uspenskiy informed the trainees about the goals and objectives of the Project “Strengthening the National System for Technology Transfer in the Republic of Belarus on the Basis of Information and Communication Technologies” implemented and funded by the Government of Belarus, with co-funding and under the aegis of UNDP and UNIDO, launched in December 2006.

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