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   Switch to Russian 2007 * March 2007 * 22.03.2007 Saturday, December 07, 2019  
 Seminar for Local Enterprises and Organizations Took Place in Vitsebsk

The previously announced Seminar “Services and Information Resources Offered by RCTT and its Offices to the Innovation Activity Agents” was held on 22 March in Vitsebsk, at the Institute of Technical Acoustics with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.


There were over 40 participants from various local enterprises and organizations interested in developing their business relations with Belarusian and foreign counterparts and investors. The seminar was attended by the specialists of RCTT’s regional and branch offices who are preparing themselves for their forthcoming internship “Innovation Management, Technology Transfer and International Technology Cooperation” in Germany. Besides, Consultant on Scientific Research and Innovation Activity of the Vitsebsk Executive Committee Ms V.T. Golubkova and Director of the Institute of Technical Acoustics Mr. V.V. Rubanik took part in the event.


Director of RCTT Mr. A.A. Uspenskiy, Director of the Navapolatsk Regional Office of RCTT Mr. N.N. Popok, Director of RCTT’s Branch Office with the Institute of Technical Acoustics Mr. Yu.V. Tsarenko, Director of the Vitsebsk Centre for Enterprise Support House of Science and Technics Mr. L.M. Shur, Director of RCTT’s Office at the Local Fund of Mutual Aid and Solidarity (Minsk) Mr. S.L. Shkred, Head of marketing department V.V. Kuzmin delivered their reports and presentations. The trainees and participants were informed about the services and electronic information resources available with RCTT and its regional and branch offices. The necessary techniques and procedures for documenting of innovation/investment projects and placing thereof on RCTT’s Web portal, in the international UNIDO Exchange Network, the Russian Technology Transfer Network, and the US-located technology transfer network of the yet2.com Incorporated.


The Seminar was organized by RCTT, its branch offices at the Institute of Technical Acoustics and the House of Science and Technology (the Vitsebsk Centre for Enterprise Support), owing to the support from the State Committee on Science and Technologies of the Republic of Belarus, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, UNDP, and UNIDO. Their assistance has been rendered under the multi-partner international aid project “Strengthening the National System for Technology Transfer in the Republic of Belarus on the Basis of Information and Communication Technologies”.


Please, get linked here to learn more about the agenda of the seminar and download some of the presentations delivered during the event (only in Russian).

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