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 Roundtable Meeting on Challenges of Innovation Activity

There is a roundtable meeting on the topic “State Promotion of Innovations. Government-Run and International Science and Technology Programmes in Electronic Engineering and ICT. State-to-Private Partnership” to be held on 20 March, under the aegis of international exhibitions “Automation-2007. Electronics-2007” and “Electrotech-2007”. The main purpose of the event is to confer and exchange opinions on the topical issues related to financing of innovation activity, further development and enhancement of the innovation infrastructure, strengthening the competitive, innovative and export capacity of the domestic enterprises specialized in the ICT and electronic engineering sectors.

Among the several organizers of the roundtable, there are, in particular, the Confederation of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs, the Minsk Capital Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, RCTT’s branch office at the Local Fund for Mutual Aid and Solidarity (Minsk).

The agenda of the roundtable meeting and the participation terms are available here.

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