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 One More Branch Office of RCTT Opened in Minsk

Yet another branch office of RCTT has been established in Minsk, at the Local Fund of Mutual Aid and Solidarity (hereinafter named the Fund). It was possible owing to the support from the State Committee on Science and Technology and the Project “Strengthening the National System for Technology Transfer in the Republic of Belarus on the Basis of Information and Communication Technologies” jointly run by Government of Belarus, UNDP and UNIDO.

While making use of its specialization, the new affiliate of RCTT is meant to assist and promote innovation and investment projects of Belarusian enterprises. With this purpose, the branch office is to:

  • maintain a database (hosted by the Web portals of RCTT [] and that of the Fund []) on innovation and investment projects;
  • place on the Web portals and update the information about the products, goods and services offered by Belarusian enterprises ;
  • place on the Web portals and update the information regarding the idle production and office areas, equipment and machinery for rent or sale proposed by the local enterprises;
  • carry out the related marketing surveys;
  • carry out independent expert examinations of documents submitted by enterprises to the special consulting council with the Fund;
  • support and maintain prompt communication between RCTT and other entities and enterprises across Belarus;
  • present and promote the best products and achievements by the domestic enterprises during exhibitions, seminars and other events.

More to these activities, the newly founded branch office will interact with RCTT, its regional and branch offices, as well as with other inter-sectoral and international centres for technology transfer, with domestic and foreign industrial enterprises, with research and technology entities.

The branch office will be managed by Director Mr. Siarhei Shkred

The office contacts are:

Address:  11-119 Serafimovicha  St.,
220033 Minsk, Belarus

Tel./fax: +375 17 2982448
Web sites:,

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