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 RCTT at 7th International Salon of Innovations and Investments

From 5 to 8 February 2007 RCTT was taking part in the 7th International Salon of Innovations and Investments in Moscow. RCTT joined to the event with the official delegation of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB), owing to the support rendered by the NASB, the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, and the UNDP.


RCTT’s mission comprised presentation of the analytical information framework of the Web portal of RCTT, with the information resources on:

  • the projects, R&D products, services available with the entities under the NASB and with other RCTT’s clients;
  • the services and information resources offered by RCTT to foreign companies and investors;
  • the recently launched Project “Strengthening the National System for Technology Transfer in the Republic of Belarus on the Basis of Information and Communication Technologies” implemented and funded by the Government of Belarus, with co-funding and under the auspices of UNDP and UNIDO;
  • the laws and regulations pertinent to the innovation business and IP protection in the Belarus, etc.

On 6 February, Director of the Centre for Tecnhology Transfer and IP Commercialization with the Saratov State Technical University (Russia) ( Mr. E.A. Agandeyev and Director of RCTT Mr. A. Uspenskiy met to sign a cooperation agreement between the two counterpart centres. The agreement provides for the reciprocal assistance to Belarusian and R&D entities and universities and those of the Saratov Region, with the aim to join their efforts in the study, research, commercialization and application of state-of-the-art achievements in science and competitive methods, practices, technologies. Also, the parties are to organize and ensure the bilateral exchange of the high-technology and research achievements, render matchmaking mediator services to enterprises in Russia and the Saratov Region in particular, and to Belarusian entities.


Seminar “Sci-Tech Development Products of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia for Multilateral Cooperation” took place on 7 February at the International Centre for Scientific and Technological Information. The seminar was held in the framework of the Salon and had been organized by the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, the Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Scientific and Technical Sphere, the National Centre for Scientific and Technical Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Federal Research Institute Research Scientific Consultative Centre (Moscow), the Russian House of International Scientific and Technical Cooperation (Moscow) and International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information (Moscow). Director of RCTT Mr. Uspenskiy presented to the seminar participants his report “Research and Development in the Top-Priority Development Sectors of Belarus. Services and Information Resources Offered by the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer” [the seminar presentations are available here].


The issues and challenges related to cooperation in the technology transfer field have been taken up by the RCTT representatives and the Head of the Marketing and Finance Department of the Steinbeis Technology Transfer Centre (Germany) Ms. Angelika Meier, Secretary-General of the Innovative Entrepreneurship ( Mr. Pavel Svejda, Director-General of the Israel-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Alon Reshef, Director-General of the Chemical Systems Engineering Company (Russia; Mr. A. Kudriashov, with representatives of the International Foundation of Technology and Investment (Russia, and some others.


The representatives of RCTT and Mr. I. Mukhametzyanov, Head of the Science and Innovation Division of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan (, have agreed that RCTT would post the “Reference Book of Investment and Innovation Projects by Enterprises of Tatarstan” on its Web portal (, while the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan would place the “Catalogue of Products and Services of Enterprises and Organizations with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus” and the “Catalogue of Innovation Projects and Development Products by Organizations with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus” on its Web site.


Also, RCTT has made preliminary agreements of signing collaboration covenants in the technology transfer area with the Turbonasos State Enterprise (Voronezh, Russia;, The Tomsk Transmission Systems Close Corporation (Tomsk, Russia;, the Salut State Enterprise (Moscow;

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