First meeting of the Coordination Council on the UNDP and UNIDO projects

The first meeting of the Coordination Council of the international Project “Strengthening the National System for Technology Transfer in the Republic of Belarus on the Basis of Information and Communication Technologies” has been held to consider the Work Plan of the Project for 2007 and its implementation framework. The Coordination Council is headed by First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technologies of the Republic of Belarus Mr. V. Nedilko. It also comprises representatives of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNDP, UNIDO, etc. Several invitees (representatives of RCTT’s regional offices and its branch offices) joined the members of the Coordination Council to thoroughly consider and discuss the Project Work Plan.


In compliance with the Plan, the project budget funds will be forwarded to the following activities:

  • working out guidelines and recommendations to amend the legal acts and regulations that would enhance the technology transfer system in Belarus and upgrade the IP-related rights in technology appraisal and transfer;
  • developing concepts for would-be branches of RCTT with the High Technologies Park, National Library of Belarus; determining the optimal roles and places of these RCTT’s branches in the framework of the national innovation system;
  • developing manuals and reference books for specialists working in the technology transfer field;
  • publishing the manual ”Technology Foresight Surveys, Why Belarus Needs Those?”;
  • organizing workshops and seminars, partaking in the key international and national events on innovation activity.

Besides, the Work Plan provides for launching a specialized web site dedicated to innovation-based projects of young researchers and business people. The site is to be hosted on the e-portal of RCTT.