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  Materials on the International Seminar for Local Entities with the High Technologies Park

Reports and other materials regarding the forthcoming Seminar “Managing Intellectual Property of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Belarus High Technologies Park” will be henceforth available on RCTT’s Web portal, in the “Library” subsection.


The subsection will be frequently updated, upon receipt of more seminar materials.


To be informed promptly, please keep in touch, check your e-mail and new announcements on our Web portal!


The likely seminar attendants and those who are interested may read the materials available, to the moment:


  • “Intellectual Property Ownership: Avoiding Disputes” (by Lien Verbauwhede, Consultant, SMEs Division, WIPO);
  • “Protection for Databases” (by Prof. Dr. Marie-Christine Janssens, Catholic University of Leuven (KULeuven), Belgium);
  • “The Software Patent Debate” (by Andrés Guadamuz, E-Commerce lecturer, University of Edinburgh, UK);
  • “Viral Contracts or Unenforceable Documents? Contractual Validity of Copyleft Licences” (by Andrés Guadamuz, E-Commerce lecturer, University of Edinburgh, UK);
  • “IP Registration as a Control Instrument and a Source of Administrative Decision Making” (by Ihar Kavalevich, Head of Auditor’s Services, the National Center of Intellectual Property (NCIP), Minsk, Belarus);
  • “The Importance of Trade Secrets for Software Companies” (by Lien Verbauwhede, Consultant, SMEs Division, WIPO).


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