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 RCTT at the UNIDO Seminar on Technology Foresight

The previously announced training seminar “Technology Foresight for Organizers” was held on 20 - 24 November in Gebze (Turkey), at the Turkish Institute for Industrial Management (TUSSIDE). The seminar was a part of the UNIDO-sponsored Training Course “Technology Foresight 2006” developed for professionals in the innovation sphere in the Central, Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent Countries. A representative of RCTT has been invited by the Turkish party to participate in the workshop.


The UNIDO-promoted workshop was held owing to the support from TUSSIDE and the Science and Technology Policy Department of TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey).


The event was sponsored by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Trade, Turkish International Co-operation Agency, Hungarian and Czech governments.


The seminar was attended by more than 35 representatives from 24 countries, namely: Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Croatia, Czechia, Ethiopia, Great Britain, Hungary, Japan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Sudan, Turkey, Uzbekistan.


During the five-day seminar the trainees studied the scope of the guidelines and methods used in technology foresight studies – both at country-scale and region-scale levels, so that the obtained outcomes of the foresight studies could be used in the relevant policy and decision making. Besides, the seminar participants got to know the recent technology foresight methods and outcomes from Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Japan. More to that, they were offered the outcomes of the Foresight Study on the Productive Chain of the Fishery Industry in the Region of the South American Pacific Coast. It is worth mentioning that a country-scale technology foresight study is now one of the indispensable conditions for the candidate countries’ admission to the EU.


The set of UNIDO’s of guidelines on technology foresight has been distributed among the participants of the seminar. The guidelines are available for your information, under the sub-section “Technology Foresight”, on RCTT’s Web portal.


The highlights and presentations on the lectures delivered at the seminar will be put on this Web portal within the next three days.

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