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 Representative of RCTT to Take Part in UNIDO-Hosted Workshop

A workshop titled "Technology Foresight for Organizers" is to be held on 20 - 24 November in Gebze (Turkey) at the Turkish Institute for Industrial Management (TUSSIDE). The workshop is a part of the UNIDO-sponsored Training Course "Technology Foresight 2006" meant for professionals specializing in innovation across the Central, Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent Countries. A representative of RCTT has been invited by the Turkish party to attend the workshop.

The Tentative Programme for the training course "Technology Foresight for Organizers" is available from this souce.

The UNIDO-promoted workshop will be held owing to the support from the Turkish Institute for Industrial Management (TUSSIDE) and Science and Technology Policy Department of the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK).

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