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 RCTT Took Part in Regional Innovation and Investment Events

Within the first half of October RCTT participated in two region-scale innovation and investment events:

  1. Seminar "Creating New and Promoting the Existing Innovations" (Mahileu, 5 October 2006);
  2. 4th Investment Forum "Investments for the Business and Regional Development" (Vitsebsk, 12 - 13 October 2006).

The Seminar "Creating New and Promoting the Existing Innovations" was organized and hosted by the State Institute of Metal Technology (with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus) and the Technopark of Mahileu, with the assistance coming from the executive authorities of the Mahileu region. More than fifty representatives of Belarusian enterprises and organizations came to take part in the event. RCTT presented a report to the seminar audience. It was dedicated to the topic "Setting up Branch Offices of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer at Enterprises" and provided the information about the functions undertaken by RCTT’s branch offices, the enhanced competitive potential and economic advantages of enterprises, should any of them decide to create a local branch office of RCTT. The seminar allowed learning the demands of new technologies with the participant enterprises.

4th Investment Forum "Investments for the Business and Regional Development" was organized by the Executive Council of the Vitsebsk region, the Marketing Centre of Vitsebsk, the German Economic Office in Belarus, and by the International Association Economic Research and Education. The event brought together more than 60 representatives from all over Belarus and seven foreign countries. The participants had a chance to familiarize themselves with the innovation and investment projects promoted by RCTT, and the services rendered to Belarusian and foreign clients of RCTT.

From the technology range presented by RCTT at the Forum, the enterprise in the Vitsebsk region showed great interest about the following technologies:

  • a technology for sapropel dredging and production of sapropel-based fertilizers for the environment-safe agriculture (inquired by enterprises of the Shumilino region);
  • a technology for production of peat-based organic fertilizers and their prospective export marketing  (inquired by Vitebsk Unitary Enterprise with Beltopgaz Concern Company, and Pervoye Maya Enterprise from Chashniki);
  • a technology for processing plastics ( inquired by Invet Joint Stock Company, from Bigosovo village).

The number of enterprises, institutions and organizations have expressed their readiness for collaboration with RCTT, including Uzin Nehrt Company (Germany); Belarusian-Czech Joint Venture Fortex and Polimerkonstruktsiya Unitary Enterprise (Vitsebsk); the Vitsebsk State Technological University; the Vitsebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine; the Orsha Aircraft Maintenance Works,  Vitstroytekhmash Enterprise, the executive committee of the Glubokoye district, Effekt Enterprise from Rossony, etc.

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