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 RCTT to Develop Cooperation with Science And Technology Exchange Centre of China

On 26-28 September Belarus was visited by a delegation from the Science and Technology Exchange Centre of the Reople’s Republic of China (STEC) The group of the delegates, headed by the STEC’s Director-General Mr. Cheng Futao, came to Belarus according to the long-term programme of Sino-Belarusian scientific and technology cooperation for 2006 – 2010 and visited a few leading research institutes with the National Academy of Science of Belarus and the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer to study their experience and most advanced activity profiles.

When visiting the Presidium of the National Academy of Science of Belarus on 26 September, the STEC and RCTT signed a plan for their bilateral scientific and technology-related collaboration for 2006-2007. In accordance with the document, the two organizations are to:

  • create an office of RCTT at the STEC in China;
  • prepare the Chinese-language version of the materials on Belarusian high-tech projects from RCTT’s database and some essential manuals developed and used by RCTT;
  • put the prepared materials in Chinese on RCTT’s web portal (http://ictt.by);
  • render assistance to interested domestic enterprises and organizations of their respective countries in arranging technology offers and requests, as well as in the relevant information exchange;
  • organize and hold joined seminars, workshops and mutual exchange of specialists.

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