Conference on International Exchange of Professionals and High-Tech Exhibition in Shenyan

The conference and the exhibition took place in Shenyan (the Liaonin Province of China) from 19 - 22 September 2006. The government of the province invited a delegation of Belarussian enterprises to participate in the events.

The exhibition presented the projects promoted by the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer, the Research Institute for Problems of Applied Physics, the Institute of Metal Technology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the United Institute of Machine Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences, ADANI Enterprise, Belarussian-Russian Joint Enterprise Tekhnoton, Private Unitary Enterprise TORCH, the Institute of Genetics and Cytology of the National Academy of Sciences, Unitary Enterprise VAMKON, the OPTIK Plant.

120 Belarussian innovative projects were translated to Chinese and put to the exhibition catalogue. The hosting party provided posters on the Belarussian projects, provided the exhibition area and equipment on a free basis, covered the Belarussian delegates’ travel expenses in the city of Shenyan and their hotel costs.

During the official exhibition opening ceremony on 20 September 2006 PhD M.A Ksenofontov, representative of the Research Institute for Problems of Applied Physics and Mathematics, signed a contract with Mr. Shao Gotzun, Director-General, board member of the Chinese-Russian Centre for Technology and Science Application. The contract matter was the assimilation and commercialization of Penopurm® sorbent material in China. This novel material has been designed for absorption of liquid oil products and organic matter in emergency cases, like spills. On the same day, in the framework of the events, there was the Chinese-Russian Technopark in Chanchun inaugurated. Besides, there was signed the Statute of the Representative Office of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer with the aforementioned technopark. According to the plans, the first representative of RCTT will start the work at the office in October 2006.

The exhibition provided for signing of memoranda of intentions between the Chinese and Belarussian enterprises.

The outcomes of the exhibition will be highlighted in a more detailed way in further news issues on this site.