Leading-Edge Technology of Belarus to Be Presented at Sci-Tech Expo in Liaonin (China)

On 22 February 2006 the Government of the Liaonin Province and the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer agreed to jointly organize and hold a Chinese International Conference on Exchange of Specialists and an Exhibition of Advanced Science and Technology in the city of Shenyan on 19 – 21 September 2006. In accordance with the agreement, a group of delegates from Belarusian organizations and enterprises will take part in the events.

As a result of a competitive selection by the RCTT and the Chinese partners, the total of 120 best projects has been chosen for the exhibition. These projects have been developed by institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and domestic innovation enterprises, translated into Chinese and put to the ah-hoc exhibition catalogue. The Chinese colleagues have prepared and printed the Chinese version of posters on the Belarusian projects. The exposition area and equipment will be provided to the Belarusian participant organizations on a free basis. Besides, the Chinese partners will defray the Belarusians’ local travel expenses and hotel charges in Shenyan.

The contest and review of the projects by enterprises of China have started 6 months before the exhibition. Thus, a few Chinese enterprises have by now confirmed their interest in making contracts with Belarusian organizations that will come to the exhibition.