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 Innovative Technology Centre of Voronezh Joined RCTT Network

The Voronezh Innovative Technology Centre (www.v-itc.ru) has signed a contract with the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer. In compliance with the signed treaty, the Centre will join the technology transfer network created and developed by RCTT. The parties have covenanted according to their previous agreement that had been reached on 14 June 2006, when VITC’s Director Mr. V. Tupikin met Director of RCTT Mr. A. Uspenskiy. Thus, VITC has become the tenth Russian member and the twenty-ninth foreign associate of RCTT’s network.

As provided by the newly signed contract, RCTT and the Voronezh Innovative Technology Centre will collaborate for better commercialization of the scientific and technical capacities and high-tech development products by means of:

  • expansion of RCTT’s information network (meant to promote the collaboration of developers, owners and investors involved in development and introduction of high-tech products in Belarus? Russia and other countries;
  • development of the information exchange between the RCTT Network partners, exchange of their experience and methodological materials;
  • development of the business support infrastructures and professional training in the technology transfer area.

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