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 National Innovation Infrastructure of Belarus: Experience Summary and Outlook for Future Development

On 20 June 2006 the city of Mogilev hosted an Applied Science Seminar titled “Experience and Prospects of Creation of Innovation Infrastructure Entities in the Republic of Belarus”. This country-scale event was held under the aegis of the State Committee on Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, with a great deal of support from the regional and municipal authorities of Mogilev, the Technopark of Mogilev. The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer was among the active participants of the seminar.

The rich agenda of the one-day seminar comprised 17 reports and presentations by several major republican and regional organizations involved in the innovation activity. Also, there were discussions on topical issues related to the current state, challenges and prospects of the domestic innovation infrastructure. Thus, in particular, a report “Innovations as a Principal Component of Region-Scale Economic Policies” was delivered by Vice-Chair of the Mogilev Executive Committee Mr.V. Kravtsov. Mr. I. Voitov presented his report “The National Innovation System of Belarus: Its Goals, Objectives, and Formation Ways”. Mr. A. Uspenskiy, Director of RCTT outlined basic prospects for development of the country-wide network of technology transfer centres. Head of the Marketing Department of RCTT Mr. V. Kuzmin and Director of the Inter-Institutional Centre for R&D Marketing Mr. Guletskiy highlighted the particular features of marketing information systems for promotion of innovation products.

The seminar was ended up by a meeting dedicated to creation of the Association of Innovation Infrastructure Entities of Belarus. Potential founders of the would-be association took up the essential conditions for its creation and establishment, its basic functions and key principles of its activity.

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