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 RCTT and Chinese-Russian Technopark in Chanchung Signed Their Cooperation Agreement

From 4 through 7 June the capital of Belarus hosts the celebration of the Days of Chanchung, Chinese twin city to Minsk. On 5 June, under the auspices of the event RCTT and the Chinese-Russian Technopark in Chanchung signed an agreement of cooperation in technology transfer. The treaty was signed at the Town Hall of Minsk. The document had been coordinated and agreed upon somewhat earlier this year, on 15 May, when Director-General of the Chanchung Technopark Mr. Li Changhua visited RCTT.

As provided in the newly signed cooperation agreement, the Belarusian and Chinese parties will render their assistance to scientific, research and development institutions and organizations, institutions of higher education in Belarus and China, in terms of promotion of mutual study and application of high-efficiency outputs gained by the two countries in the science and technology areas. In addition, the parties will jointly organize the bilateral exchange and transfer of the achievements in the scientific and technological advance; also, each party will provide its intermediary services in search of domestic organizations and enterprises as worthy partners to the counterpart entities in the other party’s country.

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