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   Switch to Russian 2006 * June 2006 * 06.06.2006 Friday, December 13, 2019  
 RCTT Considers Cooperation with Latvian Financial Consulting Company

On 5 June RCTT was visited by Mr. V. Eroshenko, Senior Partner of LAIKA STARS Ltd. (www.laikastars.lv). This consulting company specializes in consulting in the area of corporate finances. It is one of the key players among the local corporate finance and financial consulting companies in Latvia. The company’s qualification and background in business evaluation, investment project development, financial consulting and training have been acknowledged and esteemed by many companies operating in production, trade and financial sectors. The company offers advance-oriented financial solutions to business entities and owners; among other professional services there are: assistance in merger & acquisition deals; development and implementation of investment projects.

RCTT and LAIKA STARS took up potential opportunities for the bilateral collaboration. Particular focus was put to the tools and mechanisms of Laika Stars that would be of use to attract investment funds to projects being promoted by RCTT.

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