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 Applied Science Seminar to Take Place in Mahileu

An applied Science Seminar “Experience and Prospects to Creation of Innovation Infrastructure Entities in Belarus” is to take place in Mahileu on 20 June 2006.


The event will be organized and hosted by:

  • The State Committee on Science and Technology of Belarus
  • The Ministry of Education of Belarus
  • The Executive Committee of the Mahileu region
  • Close Company Technology Park Mogilev.

The goals and objectives of the seminar are:

  • Organizational assistance and methodical guidance in development of the innovation infrastructure and the support system of the innovation SME sector.
  • Information exchange about regional projects aimed at creating innovation entities and organizing activity thereof; generalization and summarizing of the experience in establishment and activity of technoparks, innovation centres and technology transfer centres; elaboration of hands-on guidelines for further enhancement of their activity and efficient solution of the actual problems.

Interested people and organizations can visit the Web site of the Close Company Technology Park Mogilev www.technopark.by to learn more about the agenda of the seminar and its participation terms.

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