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 Yet Another Branch Office of RCTT Set Up in Minsk

This the seventh branch office of RCTT was established at the Institute of Physiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, owing to the aegis of the National Academy of Sciences and  the State Committee on Science and Technology.

The newly established office is to focus on the main activity lines as follows:
  • promoting the innovation activity and technology transfer in the field of  medical,  preventive  and rehabilitation technologies, use of up-to-date physiological bioassay techniques and diagnosis of various diseases, working out  of  biochemical, biophysical and clinical methods of examination of the human organism;
  • assisting in   innovation entrepreneurship and international contacts in medicine;
  • supporting the state policies in the domestic small and medium-scaled innovation business in medicine.

PhD Valentina M. Rubakhova was assigned director of the branch.

The office contacts:

Address:  28 Akademicheskaya st.,
               Minsk 220072, Belarus
Tel.:         (+375-17)2 841 847
Fax:         (+375-17)2 841 630
biblio@fizio.bas-net.by, rubakhova@mail.ru

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