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   Switch to Russian For Residents of Belarus * Expert Services * in marketing Friday, January 24, 2020  
 Expert services in the field of marketing and sociological researches

1.       Study of customer demand and behavior

2.       Market analyses, survey, segmentation

3.       Business-to-business research

4.       Analyses of marketing communications means effectiveness (PR, sales stimulation, direct marketing, etc.)

5.       Research in the field of advertising

6.       Research connected with brand management (positioning, image)

7.       Advertising campaign development

8.       Sociological research connected with the problem of trade mark awareness

9.       Focus group research

10.    Development of marketing strategy

11.    Merchandising


Service contracts for expert services in the field of marketing and sociological researches are available at the Marketing Department, RCTT. Please, contact Dr Vitali Vl. Kuzmin, Head of the Department. (tel./fax : +375 17 2840749, e-mail: ictt@pochta.ru).

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