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 RCTT to take part in the 7th Zhejiang International Fair in China

The State Committee for Science and Technologies of Belarus, the National Academy of Sciences, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Belarus and Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts have promoted a group of delegates of RCTT to take part in the 7th Zhejiang International Fair (to be held on 8 – 12 June in Ningbo, China).


The main activities of the fair are:

  1. The Province-based Exhibition on "Investment Climate and Area For Foreign Investment" and Discussions on the Investment Projects in an all-directional way.
  2. China International Daily Consumer Goods Fair.
  3. Technical Talent Introduction.
  4. Forum on Foreign Investment Utilization.
  5. The Forum on Zhejiang's Firms Stepping on to the World for Cooperation.
  6. Forum on the Development of High & New Technology.

The delegates’ mission comprises promotion of the advanced and hi-tech products of Belarus, search of business partners and sources of funds for the innovation and investment projects being supported by the Centre.

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