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   Switch to Russian 2019 * June 2019 * 12.06.2019 Tuesday, December 10, 2019  
 Chairman of the GIANT Corporation visited RCTT Minimize
Belarus - China On June 12, 2019, Mr. THO KEE PING, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Giant Kunshan light Metal Technology Co., LTD., visited RCTT.

At the meeting with the delegation attended the Director of RCTT Dr. Alexander Uspenskiy, 1-st Deputy Director of the O.V. Roman Powder Metallurgy Institute of the NAS of Belarus Dr. Vadzim Savich, Head of the Laboratory of Nanomaterials and Ion-Plasma Process of the Physical-Technical Institute of the NAS of Belarus Dr. Nikolai Chekan. There was a discussion of cooperation prospects in the field of technology transfer and technology commercialization.

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