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 Interest Shown about Expert Services in Philosophy, Social and Humanitarian Knowledge

On 18 March, three days after RCTT’s e-portal had highlighted the information about the services offered in the sphere of philosophy, social and humanitarian knowledge, RCTT hosted a meeting of Anatoli Kovalionok, director of ZELTA MERKIS, Ltd (Riga, Latvia) and Head of the Division for Philosophical Problems in Interdisciplinary Studies and Systemology at the Institute of Philosophy with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Ph.D. S.E. Soroka.


Mr. Kovalionok has shown great interest in the issues concerning the information and synergetic components of steady development strategies. ZELTA MERKIS Ltd specializes in delivering of corporate seminars and rendering consulting services on management.


The parties exchanged their opinions on the problems and challenges related to control and management in social and economic systems, with respect to the synergetic vision. Prospects for their further collaboration were taken up, too.

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