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 A Belarusian IT company offers its product engineering services and solutions to foreign companies Minimize
EEN Belarus A Belarusian private IT company offers its product engineering services and solutions based on own developed technology with fog/edge computing. The technology reduces the development time of automotive and industrial smart sensors and meters, intellectual GPS trackers, telematics gateways and Internet of Things devices. The company is looking to expand into new markets under the terms of license, outsourcing or subcontracting agreement.

Products developed by the company on own developed technology with fog/edge computing are sold be partners in 150+ countries worldwide.

The desired partner would be OEM, system integrator, measuring system manufacturer or any company willing to develop tailor-made innovative telematics device speeding time to market. The role of partner sought will be to use engineering services for a device development in a form of outsource agreement or subcontracting. Development may be turnkey or hardware & software partly and made by the IT company from Belarus. To partners who are interested in ready solutions based on the technology, we offer license agreement for:
- smart level sensor with built-in GPS/GSM
- smart flow meter
- vehicle telematics gateway with GPS
- CAN bus display
- I/O J1939 module
- CAN bus contactless reader.

More information you can find here.

The company’s offer is placed in the Enterprise Europe Network by the Republican Center for Technology Transfer.

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