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Chromantium: New Alloy with Very High Hardness

Nasal Delivery

Tape Measure Anchor

Overview: Holding the end of a tape hook in a specific position can be difficult in many circumstances, particularly for a person working alone.  This difficulty often results in increased labor costs and/or decreased measurement accuracy.  These devices provide a simple and versatile solution for holding a tape measure hook at the desired location.  Additionally, they can rotate 360°, allowing for multiple measurements from the same anchoring point.  A further innovation enables the precise confirmation that measurements are taken at a right angle.  This invention has potential applications in construction, surveying, home improvement, landscaping and engineering.


· Design enables one person to quickly and accurately take measurements, thereby reducing effort and labor costs

· Spring clamp version (top picture) positions hook at inside face of work surface, thereby eliminating costly layout mistakes due to errors in subtracting material thicknesses

· Bar clamp version (bottom) attaches to most popular bar clamps, enabling anchoring to most items that can be clamped

· 360° rotation enables multiple measurements from the same anchor point, further reducing labor requirements

· Design allows for release of tape measure hook from a distance, increasing ease of use

· Simple, rugged construction allows for inexpensive production and longevity under job site abuse; cost allows users to own multiple units, further increasing layout accuracy & efficiency

Rechargeable Antimicrobials for Food Safety

Overview:  Currently available methods to eliminate and/or minimize pathogens include continually cleaning potentially contaminated surfaces with sanitizing chemicals.  The effectiveness must be closely monitored which can be expensive and may have toxicity issues.  Auburn’s novel chemistries kill pathogens upon contact and can be bonded onto a variety of surfaces. Further, covalently bound molecules can be recharged to maintain the desired antimicrobial concentration.  Potential applications include food contact surfaces such as pads, storage containers, conveyor belts and drains.


· ANTIMICROBIAL - Kills viruses & bacteria (Gram positive & Gram negative) on contact

· RECHARGEABLE - Can be recharged with a chlorine solution (such as diluted household bleach) that maintains activity for the long term

· VERSATILE - Enables attachment to textiles, paints and polymers/plastics

· LONG LASTING - Demonstrated to withstand wash cycles and UV exposure

Thermally and Chemically Resistant, Tin-Based Tooling for Glass Melting

Platinum toolings are used currently for most glass melting applications. These toolings need to be reused in order to be cost-effective. The toolings must also withstand extreme thermal shocks and not dissolve when molten glass is inside of them – so as to maintain the desired chemical composition of the final glass product. After use, the toolings are frequently cleaned with hydrofluoric acid. Current tooling production processes thus use very expensive materials: a cheaper alternative for toolings is desirable.

Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed such an alternative – a tin-based, ceramic tooling that has high thermal shock resistance and low chemical reactivity. The tolling can be produced using standard slip casting techniques. The resulting tooling maintains industry standards for both thermal characteristics and resistance to chemical attack – all at a much lower cost than current alternatives.

Methods and Devices for Whole Body Heat Exchange Applications

Identification and Isolation of 3 hematopoietic precursors: the common myeloid progenitor (CMP), the megakaryocyte/erythroid progenitor (MEP), and the monocyte/granulocyte progenitor (GMP)

Test for Mary, please don't delete...

Primerize: software for designing primers for rapid RNA synthesis

Stabilization of nucleic acid aptamers through rational design of peripheral tertiary contacts

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