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 Delegation from Guangzhou (China) Visited "The Great Stone" Industrial Park
Belarus - China

On August 25, 2016 the delegation of 15 persons from Guangzhou (China), headed by Mr. Wang Xu Dong, the President of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT Guangzhou), visited China-Belarus Industrial Park "The Great Stone".  

The delegation includes representatives of Guangzhou Government, Guangzhou Industrial Park, investment companies and industrial corporations.  

The Chinese delegation got acquainted with "The Great Stone" Industrial Park and discussed with park administration and Dr. Alexander Uspenskiy, Director of Republican Centre for Technology Transfer (RCTT), prospects for establishing high-tech enterprises in the park, including those that will use the achievements of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.  

During the visit the China-Belarus Industrial Park "The Great Stone" and Guangzhou Industrial Park signed Cooperation Agreement.  

The visit of Chinese delegation was organized by RCTT and Guangdong-CIS International Technological Cooperation Union (the Union) in the frame of the Cooperation Agreement signed by RCTT and the Union on 11.07.2014. 

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