Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2016 Announcement

Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2016
Belarusian Business Innovation Centre "EEN Belarus" invites R&D and industry experts, innovation SMEs to participate in the "Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2016" (MIT4LS2016), the international event designed to boost business, partnering and networking opportunities in the life sciences sector: pharmaceutical/nutraceutical, medical devices, biology/biotechnology, IT applications for health, medicine, human health and well-being, related value chain activities.

The event will be held on 26-28 October in Rome (Italy).

The event will be structured in two main parts:
   - 26th and 27th October: B2B session - companies, public and private research centers, investors from throughout Europe and beyond will join the brokerage event to find partners for business development, licensing agreements, joint ventures an every other kind of partnership or collaboration to foster cross-fertilization and new business and partnership opportunities. Official language: English.
   - 28th October - conference and workshop.

Participation is free of charge.
Registration is open on until 10th October.

The outcomes of last year's event Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2015 - MIT4LS2015 and its Belarusian participants you can found here.