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 Press Release of the SELECT for Cities Project
SELECT for Cities EEN Belarus
SELECT for Cities, a 3 year project co-funded by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 Programme and participant cities themselves (Helsinki, Antwerp and Copenhagen) has launched previous week its Open Market Consultation (OMC). SELECT for Cities will give funding to companies following the Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) process.

With a budget of approximately 4.0 million euro to invest on research and development, SELECT for Cities is deploying a pre-commercial procurement process to find and select suppliers who will help the cities of Antwerp, Helsinki and Copenhagen achieve their ambition of becoming large scale Internet-of-Everything (IoE) testing labs. By using the PCP approach, the consortium of cities will be able to initially fund the design of IoE concepts that explore multiple ideas from a variety of organisations. Upon reviewing the results, a smaller number of solutions will be chosen to enter a funded prototyping phase, and then once again these will be reduced for a final piloting phase.

Press release link.

Open Market Consultation link.

Belarus software developers and tech companies can obtain further information at the Business Cooperation Centre "EEN Belarus".

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