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 New International Competition from Enterprise Ireland's CSF
Enterprise Ireland EEN Belarus
Enterprise Ireland's new Competitive Start Fund (CSF) announce a competition for international start-up entrepreneurs, that are currently based overseas but are willing to relocate to Ireland.

Investment of 50000 EUR for a 10% equity stake. Plus Mentor, development program, assistance with banking, accommodation, etc. Successful applicants from outside EU will be eligible for Startup Entrepreneur Visa which permits the holder and his/her family to reside and work in Ireland.

The rules:
- Management team must be based in Ireland for at least one year post investment
- Already has less than 100000 EUR funding
- Revenues less than 60000 EUR any previous year
- Less than 5 years old
- Likely to employ 10 in Ireland and sales of 1000000 within 3 years
- Software, manufacture or traded services. Not engaged in gambling, "adult entertainment" or military.

Applications via the Online Application System will open on Wednesday 16th March 2016 and will close at 3pm on Wednesday 6th April 2016.

Residents of the Republic of Belarus can obtain further information at the Business Cooperation Centre "EEN Belarus".

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