Considering the issue of establishment of RCTT’s branch offices

Representatives of the agencies that direct and supervise the implementation of the government-supported research and technical programs (GSRTPs) met on 11 November 2004 in the conference hall of RCTT to confer on the issues related to establishment of RCTT’s branch offices at the aforementioned organizations. The network of such offices is regarded as a tool for boosting the commercialization of finished R&D products. The State Committee on Science and Technology of Belarus (SCST) initiated the conference and invited the representatives of several programmes, viz. "Infections and Medical Biotechnologies", "Industrial Biotechnology", "New Materials and Technologies", "Laser Systems", "Identification", "Building Materials and Technologies", "Power Engineering 2005", "Municipal Services", "Forestry of Belarus'", "Instrument-Making", "Research Instruments".

The participants of the conference familiarized themselves with the activity of RCTT, its existing regional departments and branch offices. The idea of establishing RCTT’s offices at the top GSRTP executing agencies was unanimously supported. The meeting was accomplished with a discussion over mechanisms for setting up the branch offices and their interaction with RCTT.