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   Switch to Russian 2004 * November 2004 * 11.11.2004 Tuesday, December 10, 2019  
 Considering issues in concern with commercialization of intellectual property

A roundtable conference on peculiarities of commercialization of intellectual property was held on 10 November 2004 in the Conference Hall of the National Exhibition Centre Belekspo. It was one of the events of the 6th International Exhibition "Promising Technologies and Systems: Informatics, Telecommunications, Safety" being held in Minsk, on 9 - 12 November.


The host organizers of the roundtable meeting are the editorial board of the Intellectual Capital journal and National Exhibition Centre Belekspo. Among the participants there were Director of Belarusian Innovation Foundation Mr. Grishanovich, Editor of the Intellectual Capital Ms Komarova, Director of Belarusian Department of the International Scientific and Technical Center Mr. Klepatskiy, Deputy Director of Belpatentservice Unitary Enterprise with Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Trofimov, Director of RCTT Mr. Uspenskiy.


The participants conferred on the array of problems entailed in the process of the technology transfer, in particular, those related to patenting of inventions, trade mark registration, pricing and taxation of intellectual property.

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