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 ICE Project Partner Meeting in Szczecin (Poland)
The regularly scheduled partner meeting of the Swedish Institute project of the Thematic Partnerships in the Baltic Sea region program "Innovation, Creativity and Equality - ICE" was held on 2-3 December 2015 in Szczecin (Poland). The inviting party of the meeting was 4C Social Economy Center.
During the first day of the meeting partners presented country reports "Creating commitment and building partnerships", discussed implementation of the project ICE and went to see several creative businesses led by women. The visited locations included:
   - shop with handmade bugs from firehoses ijoijo
   - culture quay OFF Marina (art incubator)
   - fabric shop Sweet Craft.
On the second day project partners visited Centre for Creative Industries at the Szczecin Art Academy and familiarized themselves with the concept of Jam.

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