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 Royalty Rates for Technology, 6th Edition

Royalty Rates for Technology, 6th Edition

Royalty Rates for Technology 6th Edition contains more information about technology pricing than in any other publication - and 21% more than the previous edition. This unique reference reports all available compensation terms from actual completed license agreements. Throughout its 585 pages you'll find ALL the details on technology royalty rates, license fees, and milestone payments -- and information from infringement damage awards and settlements. For each transaction you’ll discover:
   - A description of the licensed technology
   - Compensation terms including royalty rates and license fees
   - Identity of the licensor and licensee
   - Market analysis and benefits of the licensed technology

ALSO, DETAILED GUIDANCE ON CALCULATING ROYALTY RATES: You also get straightforward descriptions and guidance on different models used in calculating royalty rates and valuation:
Proper Use of Simple Rule of Thumb explains how to properly apply simple yet powerful pricing models, and reveals where many licensing execs go wrong.
Infringement Damages Analysis can determine a reasonable royalty as the difference between profits expected from infringing sales and a normal industry profit level. We show you an equation to help summarize this approach.
Investment Rate of Return Analysis requires consideration of the profits expected from exploitation of the various assets of a business including the technology that will be licensed. See how a fair rate of return for use of a specific patent can be derived and expressed as a royalty rate.
Discounted Cash Flow Analysis is an excellent model for valuing and pricing technology. We show you how it captures forecasts, capital spending, and R&D expenses, along with other development costs, all in one analysis yielding an appropriate royalty rate.

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