International Exhibition 2004 Taiwan Technomat is over

International Exhibition 2004 Taiwan Technomart finished on 4 November 2004 in Taipei. The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer was invited and promoted to the event by the Technology Transfer Centre of the Taiwanese Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and ITRI’s office in Moscow.


More than 500 innovation projects were highlighted by RCTT at the exhibition. Of all the projects presented by RCTT, the attendees were most interested about those related to development of solar batteries for portable computers, high-efficiency solid state heat-into-electricity converters and bioelectronic accumulators.


During the event RCTT contacted Materials Research Laboratories and International Program Center (with ITRI), ITRI Western Europe Office. Representatives and managers of numerous companies and funds were met, namely:, Asia Inc. (Japan), Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund (South Korea), Columbia University Science and Technology Ventures (USA), ipal GmbH (Germany), 2APAC Technology Partner (Taiwan), Ming-Young Biochemical Corporation (Taiwan), Asia Pacific Technomart Corporation (Тайвань), Taiwan-Japanese Economic and Trade Foundation (Taiwan), G-intech International Corporation (Taiwan), Onetouch Technologies Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), etc.


RCTT’s new partners entrusted to the Centre the mediator services for promotion of more than 250 technology requests and more 400 technology offers among the international R&D community. These requests and offers are to be placed on RCTT’s Web portal in the near future.